Summer Time

Don’t forget all Students at any location can wear your ACADEMY T-shirt from June 1st – August 23rd with your uniform bottoms and belt.

It’s our way to help out during the hot summer months.

If you don’t have any Academy shirt please feel free to stop in and get one any evening.

Also don’t forget the summer schedule starts June 1st.

We have morning and afternoon classes and they run a little bit different than normal schedule. Pick up your copy today at the main location.

Students from other locations may drop in to Saturday class. See Mr. Deaver for the Drop In Price.

Don’t forget Labor Day weekend to celebrate with your families as the Academy will be closed.

Looking forward to a great summer!




Buy 1 TRU registration, get 1 free! This class was designed for people who have never done martial arts before (hint: no belts required!) Bring your friends for an active morning of learning situational awareness and how to defend yourself!

Saturday, April 21st from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. at The Academy of Martial Arts! Click the PayPal button below to sign up or call (515) 314-0298.

BOGO Trained Ready Unafraid Seminar with Trina Pellegrini

Buy One Get One Free! That's 2 registrations for $55! Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn defensive techniques from Master Trina! This seminar will begin at 8:30 a.m. at The Academy of Martial Arts on April 21st.


Combat Hapkido Seminar with Grandmaster Pellegrini

Download our Registration Form/Waiver and pay on-line today!

Grandmaster John Pellegrini is returning for his annual Combat Hapkido Seminar and you won’t want to miss it! This seminar is open to everyone over the age of 10. No experience is necessary and all martial artist are welcome regardless of rank or style!

  • Lunch included
  • Open to everyone 10 years and older
  • No experience necessary
  • All martial artists welcome – regardless of rank or style
  • Absolutely no spectators allowed
  • Pro-Shop on site
  • Photography is welcome, but videotaping is not permitted
  • ICHF Members wear martial arts training/tactical pants with hapkido t-shirt or polo.
  • Non-members wear comfortable, loose clothing (no shorts). Martial arts uniforms are optional and always welcome.

    $120 (early bird special through March 31)
    $140 (after March 31)
    (special pricing available for women who are also attending the TRU Seminar)
    Register online, call (515) 314-0298 or email

Women’s Personal Protection Seminar

Download our Registration Form/Waiver and pay on-line today!

Master Trina Pellegrini is back to teach and demonstrate the easy-to-learn techniques that make up her TRU© system designed for women’s personal protection and empowerment. Her instruction will help prepare women to face modern everyday dangers and attacks.

Let Trina Pellegrini empower you and the women in your life to fight back when faced with violence or abuse and NOT become a victim.

This program is open to women only (ages 10 and up).
All fitness levels are welcome and no martial arts skills required.

Early Bird Registration (by March 31): $45
Standard Registration (after March 31): $55

Register on-line at or contact The Academy of Martial Arts (515) 314-0298 |


February 2018 Test Details

Make-up tests will take place on February 24th. Additional fees apply for students taking the make-up test. Please note that make-up tests are not available for blue belts and above in Tae Kwon Do or Brown Belts and above in Hapkido.

Tae Kwon Do Testing schedule for February 17th
(All times are approximate, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time to check-in and warm up)

8:30 – 10:00 a.m.   Black Belt Candidates
10:00 – 10:45 a.m.   Yellow Belts
10:45 – 11:30 a.m.   Senior White Belts
11:30 – 12:15 p.m.   Junior White Belts
12:30 – 1:15 p.m. Green, Blue, and Junior Red Belts

Requirements for Tae Kwon Do Testing:

  • Required number of classes completed (refer to Student Guide for your belt level)
  • Full Uniform (pants, top and belt)
  • Red, Blue, White skill stripes earned and on your belt
  • Black stripe for tenets on your belt
  • Tae Kwon Do test application form and test fee (use full name and indicate current belt rank & size).
  • Permission Slip (signed by parents, school teacher during the school year and a black belt)

For more information on what happens on test days or how to earn your skill stripes, visit our Test Information Page.

Hapkido Testing schedule for February 17th
(All times are approximate, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time to check-in and warm up.)

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.      White Belts through Blue Belts
3:00 p.m.                Brown Belt and Above

Requirements for Hapkido Testing:

  • Required number of classes completed (refer to Guide for your belt level)
  • Full Uniform (pants, groin supporter, shirt and belt)
  • Please note that make-up tests are not available for brown belts and above in Hapkido


Hello Everyone

Below are the Policies and procedures for the Academy of Martial Arts Inc. effective 1/1/2018

Notifications/Class Cancellations

Notifications for cancellations, class changes, or class information will be made via email, text message, Facebook or you may be contacted directly by your instructor and/or Academy of Martial Arts Office.

Please be sure when you fill out your registration form, you include your email address and phone number. Unscheduled class cancellation notices and notification of new seasons will be emailed to that address. Your phone number will be added to our Text messaging service.


Are not required in any of our programs as beginners but if the students wish to promote and move to the next level they must purchase a uniform.

Tae Kwon Do students must have Full Uniforms during the Ankeny Community School Year. During School Summer Break T-Shirts are permitted with belts and uniform bottoms.

Hapkido Students Uniforms consist of a AMA School T-Shirt and Black Pants provided at sign up. Hapkido Brown Belts and above will be asked to purchase a Hapkido Uniform Top at the Brown Belt Level as many of the techniques learned at this stage will be upper upper ore arm (below the elbow) and upper sleeve grabs (above the elbow) as these techniques cannot be done without a uniform and your uniform helps identify you in the program you are training under.

Effective February 1st 2018 TKD uniforms tops are not allowed during Hapkido training. Please bring Hapkido Tops with you to class.


We are guests in the Satellite facilities where classes are held and we expect our instructors, students, and parents to respect the facility. All children in the waiting must be supervised at all times. At no time is it permissible for any person to roam the halls or other areas of the facility. FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED. Again, we are guests and any inappropriate behavior or disrespect in these facilities could ultimately result in our program being terminated in your community.


Parents are required to bring students into the facility and sign in with the instructor/secretary at the beginning of class. At the end of class, parents must always come back in to the building to pick up their athlete. Athletes will not be allowed to leave the building unattended.


Academy of Martial Arts class fees may be paid monthly via ACH transfer, credit/debit cards or paid in full using the afore mentioned accepted payments

No checks will be accepted for any monthly Tuition or events.

Agreement Termination: 

We are not like some schools that charge you for the rest of your contract (or buy out your remaining months) we just ask for written notice as described below.

Purchaser agrees to provide sixty (60) days advance written notice to Academy of Martial Arts for either the 12 month or 6 month plan. Purchaser acknowledges that the Academy of Martial Arts must receive such prior written notice before the next Monthly Installment is due in order to permit Payment Agency to act upon such termination. Termination fee applies depending on plan chosen, 12 Month Plan not to equal more than 2 months Tuition, 6 Month Plan not to equal more than 1 months Tuition.

Refunds – Transfer of payments

• Refunds are not available nor can be transferred for merchandise, competitions, class registration fees or classes taken.
• Payments for classes may be transferred to another class location or season due to unforeseen circumstances.
• If you have pre-paid classes and will not be able to finish attending, you may call the Academy of Martial Arts in regards to a refund for classes not taken. You must be able to provide proof of payment, whether it is a receipt or a cancelled check from your bank. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the payment to process.
• If you paid your class fees to a Ankeny Family YMCA, DMAC Trail Point or a Parks contact them in regards to their policies on refunds.


Merchandise is available to purchase at class through your instructor at the Academy main location. Be sure to read the online refund and return policies. All merchandise orders must be paid for when placing your order. All merchandise is optional; only for tournaments does the Academy of Martial Arts require certain uniforms to participate.

Verify all orders for accuracy and sizing at the time of pick up.
Returns or exchanges can be made after items leave the facility but may be subject to a restocking fee. All special orders returned or exchange are subject to the restocking fee.
Orders may take 2 –  4 weeks to arrive to your class location.
Be sure to keep your merchandise receipt as proof of payment until you receive your order.
For questions or concerns about your orders, please contact the Academy of Martial Arts office.

Seminars: Various seminars may be offered at different times throughout each season. Seminars may focus on different styles of fighting or certain weapon defenses. There is an additional registration fee to attend Academy of Martial Arts tournaments and seminars.

Testing Cycles: Effective July 1st, the Academy will have new test applications that are more readable and easier to fill out for students. These new apps also allow the students a more organized way to fill out all the information required for the promotional exam.


Promotions in the Martial Arts

Hello everyone
Mr. Deaver here.

Just letting you know of some major changes coming in 2018 about our testing cycle.

With both tae kwon do and hapkido the first two belt levels only require 12 classes before being able to test for the next level.
In saying this the rest of the levels have higher expectations and as you get into the advanced levels of both arts the requirements are even longer such as 4, 6 or 12 months or more.
In reviewing I want to be sure to communicate with all of you about the testing cycle and how it affects us all.

First and foremost we offer testing every 2 months consistently so that students may look ahead and plan the day for other activities if needed
Second, it keeps less headaches because otherwise we have to schedule separate tests for the students needed then the next thing we know we are scheduling 2, 3 or 4 tests to meet everyone’s needs but then it takes time away from the rest of the students and there training days and times.

So, I want to take a minute to say if you miss a test day do to other outside activities then you will simply wait till the next test day. It is not a rush to get to Black Belt.

We consider Time in Grade which simply means the time you spend at the current rank. We have always felt you NEVER want to rush to get to the next rank and that more time at any rank is better than rushing or hurrying to the next level.
There is always time to make our techniques better, stronger, physically more efficient maybe just to understand them better.

In saying all of this tests are offered in every 8 week cycle and please plan ahead so that you know how many classes you may attend and plan accordingly to move forward.
In 2018 we will not be testing anyone above Yellow Belt in Tae Kwon Do or Hapkido before the scheduled test dates listed on the website.

Good luck and work hard and learn from everything you do.
Mr. Deaver

The Academy’s In-School Tournament

We’re having our very first in-school tournament at The Academy of Martial Arts on October 1st at 2:00 p.m.! We’re hosting a number of free tournament prep classes on Friday evenings in September. See our calendar of events for those dates.

Contestants should preform the form appropriate for their rank. Forms will be judged on accuracy of technique and overall presentation.

  1. White Belts
  2. Yellow-Green Belts
  3. Blue-Red Belts
  4. Black Belts

Board Breaking
Board breaks will be judged on the difficulty of the technique and number of boards broken. Three attempts will be allowed, and in the case of multiple breaks, the full set should be repeated. Contestants should provide their own board holders.

  1. White Belts
  2. Yellow-Green Belts
  3. Blue-Red Belts
  4. Black Belts

Contestants in the Weapons division must be current students in the Academy of Martial Arts Weapons class. Contestants may compete singly or as pairs. Either Bo or Jo staff may be used in the long staff competition. In short stick, contestants may use one or two Escrima, or one Escrima in combination with another weapon or shield. Contestants will be judged on the difficulty of the techniques and the overall presentation.

  1. Long Staff
  2. Short Stick

Divisions may be split or combined depending on the number of participants to result in no more than 4 and no less than 2 contestants in each division. In the case of 4 contestants in a division, 2 bronze medals will be awarded.

Two Great Options for Women (TRU)

We’ve just decided on our TRU offerings for the fall and want you to join us! This unique self-defense system was designed by Master Trina Pellegrini and is taught to women BY women. Come let our Academy teachers show you how to be more aware of your surroundings and want to do if you feel threatened! We’ve got two great options available for you!

TRU Women’s Empowerment and Personal Protection Two-Hour Seminar
Sunday, September 24 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Registration:  $40 until September 15, $50 after September 15
Sign-up online or call (515) 314-0298.

If you’re not sure about this program, this is the place to start! Come learn about situational awareness, living in yellow and basic self-defense techniques. You’ll also see a preview of the more extensive training available in our six-week course.

Bonus:  If you attend this seminar and decide to sign-up for our six-week course, we’ll apply $40 of your registration fee toward your TRU enrollment!

TRU Women’s Empowerment and Personal Protection Six-Week Course
Sundays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
October 8 – November 12 (plus a make-up class on November 19)

Registration:  $79 (discounts available to people who have attended the TRU seminar)
Sign-up online or call (515) 314-0298.

This is the full women’s personal protection curriculum designed by Master Trina Pellegrini. Our certified female instructors will help you learn how to be aware of your surroundings and give you tools to deal with situations where you may feel threatened. The six-week course covers everything from how to escape from someone who has grabbed you, tools to deal with common situations and how to defend yourself on the ground.  Since we’re together every week, you get the opportunity to practice your skills!

Once you’ve participated in the TRU course, you will join our alumni group and be invited to join current students at the end of their session, allowing you to make connections and continue to review skills you’ve learned. Past participants may also repeat the course for half-price.

These are our last TRU classes for 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity!