As many of you know we have moved from our previous mobile app to the new app by MyStudio. We have a custom app specifically for our school.

You can search the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for “Academy of Martial Arts” to find and install the app on your phone or tablet. You can also click this link to install the Google App: Google Play Store or click on the iTunes App: iTunes App Store

To log in to the app, use our unique studio code (1928). Some of you have accounts already as the billing system may have connected and some of you may not.

One of the advantages to this app versus the old one is that students in multiple programs have 1 access to see all the videos they need to study outside of class. The feedback has overwhelmingly been very positive at its ease of use and that is what we want for you the students.

So far, it has worked very well. We have only heard of 2 incidents of the app not working and when contacting developers they suggest either it is a settings issue on the device or the age of the device which we find hard as we are using an antique Samsung Tablet at home and it still works fine.

As you know all events, memberships can now be purchased through the app.

Like our upcoming events for TRU, (Trained, Ready, Unafraid for Women only) Hapkido Seminar and our Combo Seminar for TRU & Hapkido Seminar. More seminars are coming as well!

The app is simple and it works. What more can we ask for?

It also allows us to send notifications out for anything from reminders on test days and times, to specific belts testing at a certain time to closures due to weather.

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