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Academy of Martial Arts Spring Tournament

The Academy of Martial Arts Spring Tournament will be held on Sunday May 19, 2019, beginning at 10 AM. This Tournament is Poomsae (forms) only, using electronic scoring like that used at the National Championships and other major events.

Competition will be offered for individual, pairs, and team Poomsae. Players will perform two forms in each of their chosen events. Colored belts may choose from the Taeguek series and may repeat the same form if they wish, Black belts must perform two different forms, one Taeguek form and one black belt form. Medals will be awarded to all colored belts and to the top four black belts in each division.

Early registration is $30 for one event and $40 for 2 or 3 events. Qualified judges who serve in the ring may compete for no fee and will be provided lunch.

Please contact Mr Harp in person or email jim.harp435@gmail.com  for questions or further details. 

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