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MUNIO Self-Defense Training Seminar 5/13/19

Monday, May 13th from 7:30 – 8:30 PM the Academy of martial Arts will be offering our first Munio training seminar.

The MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain is a stylish evolution of self defense tools that have been used successfully throughout history for protection, and can easily empower you to fight off an attacker and escape safely.

MUNIO tools are easy to use and effective providing a legal, non-lethal self defense solution. Their devices are recommended by law enforcement, self defense professionals, as well as the NRA’s Refuse to Be A Victim Program. They are also travel friendly and can be taken on an airplane. Finally, they are safe around small children and offer no risk of personal injury like pepper spray or stun guns.

To learn more about MUNIO , visit their website:

To register for the seminar, follow this link:

Cost is $25.00/person & includes the MUNIO design of your choice!
If you already own a MUNIO bring it with you!

Any questions, contact:
Kevin Deaver

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