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August News

Hello Everyone

Don’t forget that Promotion night is Thursday August 15th@ 6:30pm we will have no regular classes. All Classes will be normal Saturday August 17th with our new Fall Schedule starting Monday August 19th.

App Updates: Our new students app is going well and doing fine with all the new updates coming through. 

We now have many new abilities to do so much more than just use the app for reviewing information in our programs. We now can use the text feature to communicate through the ap so you can talk directly to Mr. Deaver with questions and he can reply right to your device. You can view all the videos for your art. (More Youth & Adult Hapkido videos on the way)

Also (coming soon) you the consumer can update your payment information right in the app itself via the membership portal. This is one of the newest updates to be implemented very soon. This way you don’t have to contact Mr. Deaver.

App Attendance is also coming soon: you will be able to use an ipad to log in to class. This is in the process and moving forward. Looking forward to streamlining the class checkin process.

App Pro-Shop

Our (in house) pro-shop works now right from your phone, tablet or pc. If you wish to purchase anything, we can also take care of this from the back office as well. Right now, you get an additional 15% off in celebration of 15 years in business.

We also have the ability to connect you to our New Online Pro-shop sponsored by Century Martial Arts. Meaning anything you buy will come right to your door. It will not have to come through the Academy. This has several options for new gear such as belt displays, extra gear etc.

Fall Schedule Starts Monday August 19th. This gives parents and students a week to fully prepare for school schedules. The Academy has a NEW Fall schedule and it is in the app and on the website. Again, we added more forms classes as that has been a huge request, so Intermediate belts (Yellow & Green Belts), Advanced belts (Blue & Red Belts) and Black Belts all now have a separate classes just for you. These will be right before your regular class so that you may get extra work on forms and one steps. Wow, we are so lucky to be able to offer you so much. NOTE: Forms classes will count as 1/2 regular class.

Hapkido Students, 

Please know we have been looking at some ways to help keep everyone energized in class and after many discussions with Black Belts and students, I believe we have come up with some great solutions to this. We will be implementing these soon. So please bear with us while we incorporate this into our regular class.

Labor Day weekend:

We will be Closed Saturday August 31st& Monday September 2ndso that we may celebrate Labor Day with your families.

Lastly, please be safe during these holidays! Enjoy family time, have fun and stay cool!

Thank you

Kevin Deaver

Academy of Martial Arts

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