The Academy’s In-School Tournament

We're having our very first in-school tournament at The Academy of Martial Arts on October 1st at 2:00 p.m.! We're hosting a number of free tournament prep classes on Friday evenings in September. See our calendar of events for those dates. Forms Contestants should preform the form appropriate for their rank. Forms will be judged … Continue reading The Academy’s In-School Tournament

Six-Week Women’s Personal Protection Classes

In March, four women from The Academy spent the weekend with Master Trina Pellegrini, who trained them on how to teach her TRU system for women's personal protection and empowerment. Now that we have these certified teachers, they want to share the program with other women! The six-week course will start on Sunday, April 30th … Continue reading Six-Week Women’s Personal Protection Classes

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar :: April 22, 2017

Master Trina Pellegrini is back to teach and demonstrate the easy-to-learn techniques that make up her TRU© system designed for women’s personal protection and empowerment. Her instruction will help prepare women to face modern everyday dangers and attacks. Let Trina Pellegrini empower you and the women in your life to fight back when confronted with … Continue reading Women’s Self-Defense Seminar :: April 22, 2017