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New Class Added – Taegeuk Forms

The Academy of Martial Arts has added a new class on Saturday mornings at 9:30. This class will be specifically for working on Taegeuk forms. All students beginning with the rank of Junior Yellow belt are able to attend the class. This class will meet in the conference room.

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Two Rivers Tournament

The Two Rivers Tournament is a beginners tournament, colored belts only and no more than 4 previous tournaments. We had 4 students go last year and it would be a good opportunity for anyone wanting to stick their toe into tournament waters, so I’d like to push this as much as we can, especially since…

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New Phone & Tablet App

As many of you know we have moved from our previous app to the new app called My Studio The download link to the MyStudio app on Google Play is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mystudio.app and the download link to the MyStudio app on the iTunes App Store is https://itunes.apple.com/us/ app/mystudio-app/id125820 7230?mt=8.  To log in to your studio’s app, use your unique studio code…

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3 Ways Martial Arts Training Will Transform Your Life

Martial arts training can have a tremendous impact on your life, no matter your age. Children can learn a foundational skill set that enhances their ability to communicate and excel in school. Adults can bring newfound skills into their lives as well. Learning self-defense builds confidence and strength, but there are inherent qualities in taking a…

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Life-Changing Benefits Achieved From Martial Arts Training

Participate in a Like-Minded Community Students of the martial arts learn a valuable skill set through the knowledge of experts. There are people coming together who are in a similar spot to you, who want the knowledge our instructors have to offer. The dojo provides a non-judgmental setting for these lessons. We foster the ability…

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