Little Ninjas today, leaders tomorrow.

In Little Ninjas, our goal is to help your preschooler be the best they can be at everything they put their minds to, by improving basic motor and listening skills. Instructors are good role models who are trained to work with preschool-aged children. They engage your child in a fun way, teaching them to listen to instructors and work cooperatively with their fellow ninjas.

In class, we incorporate techniques from many types of martial arts, preparing your child for specialized classes in the future, while providing basic self-defense techniques they can use today.

The following are some of the skills and benefits gained from participating in the Little Ninjas classes:

  • Warm-up drills improve flexibility coordination and balance
  • Self-defense skills, which are always performed with safety in mind
  • Respect for training partners while gaining self-control and confidence
  • Hapkido techniques for self-protection including strikes, kicks and grabs. Escape and evasion are always first and foremost, but we also empower students for situations where that is not possible.
  • Ground techniques for escape and evasion.
  • Meditation to enhance the physical performance, as well as focus the mind, increasing concentration and improving health.

Visitors are welcome and no experience is required.

For more information on how your child can be a Little Ninjas, contact Mr. Deaver.

A uniform is required before a student is able to promote. Students may purchase a uniform from The Academy of Martial Arts after attending three classes. Size charts are available.  Once purchased, uniforms should be worn to every class.

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