Youth Hapkido (Chung So Nyun Hapkido)

It’s not just kicking, hitting, grappling and throwing. In our youth program, we take full view of what makes a confident, well-rounded child. Each student receives individual attention, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. It is our goal to improve upon those strengths and chip away at those weaknesses.

•  Child Safety
•  Confidence
•  Balance & Strength
•  Dexterity
•  Respect
•  Fun
•  Friendship

Many children are enrolled because they are bullied in school. In addition to teaching them how to defend themselves from physical harm, they learn how to diffuse aggressive situations.

Some kids feel like they don’t fit in, while others just aren’t interested in some of the mainstream sports. Those who are into sports, find the skills learned in Hapkido helps their performance on field, court, and mat. In our school, they ALL find a place where they belong.

Of course there are kids who just want to become martial artists. While the Youth Hapkido program focuses mainly on the Korean self-defense art of Hapkido, they are also exposed to some of our favorite techniques in other arts, such as Kung Fu, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Judo and Karate. A good martial artist has a wide knowledge of the martial arts world. Our teachers continue to learn from other teachers, so there is always fresh and exciting information to be shared!

The Youth Hapkido system awards 10 belts as the student progresses. A Youth Black Belt is carried over to the adult system, and they will not need to test again until they are 13 years old, the eligible age for the full adult black belt.

The instructors have been working with children for many decades and understand how difficult it can be for them to overcome their fears. One of those fears is that first day in class! A unique aspect of our school is that our more experienced students play a large role in working with the newer kids. This benefits both the older students, as they are developing leadership skills (and teaching is the best way to learn) and the newer kids, who quickly learn they are among friends – regardless of rank.

The art of Hapkido was developed to give the smaller person an advantage over the larger adversary. We don’t break boards. We don’t compete in tournaments. We don’t all stand in a line and have orders barked at us. We do learn how to kick – very hard! We do learn how to punch – very hard! We do learn how to throw an attacker.  We do learn pressure points and joint locks. We do learn how to escape when wrestled to the ground.

And we do have fun!

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