Frequently Asked Questions

How is your school different than any other in town?

Well, our school offers more individual instruction as the classes are broken down to class ranks allowing for more instructor and student interaction. This allows for more work on the individual lessons required to move from one rank to another. Many schools group EVERYONE into one class with all ranks hoping they can get to you.

We are also unique in that we offer unlimited classes in your discipline. You can come to class five days a week, if you wish.

Do I need a uniform?

No, you do NOT need a uniform, however students may not advance to the next level with out one. A student must have all of our skill stripes that are essentially “mini goals” to achieve and show progress towards the goal of testing to the next level.

Is there Student Manual?
Yes, we have a “Student Guide” that is used as a reference for every student which gives information required at each and every level. We feel this is an important asset in achieving goals as they are suitable for assisting students with reviewing and assisting retaining skills. They also help provide information regarding techniques and materials required for each rank. Contact Mr. Deaver if you need a copy of your Student Guide.

What do I need to do to test?

Testing is offered approximately every eight - twelve weeks.

Tae Kwon Do students must earn their 4 skill stripes, as well as their black stripe, which indicates they are prepared to test. Please see your instructor for details on what is required to earn a stripe. Students are also required to fill out a Testing Form and have their permission slip signed by a parent/guardian, a black belt and their school teacher (when in session).

Hapkido students must inform the instructor of their intent to test and will likely have a pre-test to ensure they are ready for testing.

Do I have to Test?
NO, students are not required to test, however you CANNOT Advance to the next level without it.

Is there a Make-Up Test? 
Can I do a make-up test as my work schedule/family schedule do not allow me to come on Test Day?

We do have make-up tests available, however they must be arranged by the Master Instructor.

Can I train at ANY location?

Yes, a student can train at any location however they must pay tuition at whatever location they train at.

If a student wishes to train at two locations, dues must be paid to each location. Due to insurance liabilities, the students must be registered with the facility they are training with.

Why can’t we pay at The Academy location by Check?

You can pay fees as listed by membership chosen via Client authorized automatic credit card or checking account ACH charges. Payment in monthly increments by an means other than Client’s credit card or ACH is not permitted.

If a family member is in one class either above or below me can we both train at the same class even though we are different ranking belts?

If you are a White Belt you come to White Belt or Beginners Class, if you are Yellow or Green Belts you come to intermediate class and if you are Blue and above you can come to Advanced Class. We do not allow belts to come to other classes unless they are an advanced belts who come to help the junior belts training.

The exception to this is our Saturday All Belts classes, which are open to all Tae Kwon Do students.

What if I want to take a Session or testing cycle off? 

This is okay, as long as you are training at our two branch locations (DMACC Trail Point Aquatics and Wellness Center or the Ankeny Parks & Recreation Dept). The Academy location does not offer “Sessions”.

How much does it cost?

Pricing at our main location offers more than just classes. Stop in to see the value of your training. We are now offering an ALL-INCLUSIVE price point (new 2017) that includes Test and Promotion Fees built in to the student’s tuition.

We also offer 12 month, 6 month and month to month agreement options. The tuition is to be paid monthly (consecutively) as listed to lock-in at this rate, otherwise higher fees may apply.

Can I pause my tuition?

The Academy does NOT pause agreements unless due to illness or accidents and must accompany a Doctors Excuse of Absence. The Academy teaches monthly classes as clearly stated. The Academy has many options for agreement for length of time you wish to train. You may pick the tuition agreement that works best for you.