The “6 Weeks On, 1 Week Off” Martial Arts Schedule: A Comprehensive Overview

Throughout the years, we have experimented with various schedules, but the “6 weeks on, 1 week off” timetable has emerged as our preferred choice. While not a novel concept, having previously implemented this schedule at a fitness facility I managed years ago, I have found it to be exceptionally effective. Although the duration may vary slightly, the core principle remains consistent: taking a full week off from our regular routine every 5-8 weeks. For a visual representation of our annual school calendar schedule, refer to the link provided here. TBA

Reasons Behind Our Appreciation for This Schedule:

  • Meeting Class Requirements: This schedule allows us to effortlessly fulfill the requisite number of class days essential for martial arts training between cycles, even with the inclusion of full-week breaks.
  • Preserving Traditional Breaks: We retain our summer break, typically coinciding with the 4th of July week, and another break just before the commencement of the new school year, often during the final weeks of August.
  • Flexible Framework: While providing a structured timeline to keep us on track, this schedule remains adaptable, enabling us to make necessary revisions as circumstances demand.
  • Ideal Break Duration: The one-week breaks align well with our needs. While shorter breaks may disrupt the flow of the week, longer breaks tend to lead to a lapse in routine and the acquisition of undesirable habits.
  • Curriculum Preparation: The break weeks afford instructors, students, and parents the opportunity to catch their breath, review progress, adjust plans, and even get a head start on future curriculum planning.
  • Focus on Personal Areas: These breaks offer the chance to address various aspects of life that require attention, be it facility maintenance, communication with facility operators, family time, or personal planning.
  • Social Interaction: The breaks provide guilt-free time for relaxation and socialization with friends who have flexible schedules or traditional martial arts school holidays.
  • Personal Enrichment: The break weeks allow for a balance between professional responsibilities and personal pursuits, fostering a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • Project Completion: With extended periods available during break weeks, progress can be made on pending projects, both personal and professional such as personal training or specialty classes for our students and potential students, parties or special even holidays.
  • Psychological Benefits: Termed the “Sabbath Schedule,” this regimen ensures a restful break every 7th week, instilling motivation and vigor during the preceding 6 weeks of work.

In conclusion, this schedule promotes a sense of rejuvenation and productivity, offering valuable teaching moments and life lessons even during the designated “off” weeks. While adjustments may be necessary in the future to accommodate evolving class demands, the efficacy of these break weeks is undeniable. While a traditional martial arts school schedule may suit some, do not hesitate to tailor or innovate upon it to better suit your unique needs. Experimentation and gradual adjustments can lead to the discovery of an optimal schedule for your students, with the flexibility of the 6 & 1 schedule offering a multitude of benefits.

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