Academy of Martial Arts My Studio App

My Studio app is an app that The Academy of Martial Arts utilizes to help  students with training. Students will get a log-in and the ability to look up their belt level and everything they need to know for their upcoming test. The app includes videos for teaching tools and it is a great way to communicate as it allows Mr. Deaver to send out Broadcasts by text and email to users for promotions, reminders, special events and closures.

This app is free to download. There is a no monthly subscription for all white belts and all students who train at the main Academy location. Contact Mr. Deaver for questions about my studio app.

You may download the app from either I-Tunes or the Google Play Store.


Student Guides are available for Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido students. Contact Mr. Deaver if you would like a copy of these guides.


Email is our most frequent form of communication. If you are enrolled as a student, you should be receiving our monthly newsletter, as well as periodic updates from Mr. Deaver. If you are not receiving our newsletter, please let us know.

We also have a Facebook page that we try to update as often as possible. If you post photos from tests, ceremonies or seminars, we would love to have you tag us in your pictures!