Testing occurs approximately every eight weeks for both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. As students progress in their belt levels, they will require more than eight weeks between tests, but beginner and intermediate students generally have the option of testing every eight weeks.

Our students test to show the skills they have developed while training, to build self-confidence and to advance to the next belt level in their training. Testing should be celebrated. It is important that we don’t advance students without them going through their required tests.

Testing is available in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Weapons classes. Information below is specific to Tae Kwon Do. Hapkido and Weapons students should consult with their instructors for testing requirements. Hapkido testing will be Saturdays unless jobs prohibit attendance. All Advanced Belts Brown and Above must test at regular test day.

Before testing, students must develop the required skills and knowledge that accompanies their belt level. When the student feels they have mastered a skill, they should ask their instructor if they can earn a stripe. All previous and current material will be reviewed in order to progress to the next stripe. Stripes must be earned before testing.

Red Stripe:  Mastery of the Belt-Level Form
Blue Stripe:  Meaning of the Form, Board Break Skill
White Stripe:  Techniques and One-Steps
Black Stripe:  Tenets of Tae Kwon Do, Readiness for Testing

Students are required to fill out their Test Application and Permission Slip, which requires signatures of parent/guardians, teachers (when school is in session), and a black belt. Students should bring these forms to test day and arrive in full uniform at least 15 minutes prior to their testing session.

Test days are typically divided up by belt level. Depending on the size of the testing group, we may combine belt levels for a testing session. Students will appear in a group before a panel of judges while a Black Belt leads the testing by asking students to perform certain skills. The final skill is the board break.

Parents are encouraged to attend test day to support their student! Photography and videography are allowed as long as they are not distracting to the student.

All Testing is held at our main location the Academy 1928 SW 3rd St, Ankeny, Ia. 50023 right next to Wags Dog Day Care and the Ankeny Community Theatre.

Makeup Testing

Makeup testing is available at the Academy location 1 week after Test Day on Saturday at 2:00pm.

Future Test Dates

These dates are tentative and may change as needed to accommodate special events, holidays, bad weather or an unforeseen incidents.
Check Back often!


2018 Schedule

No classes P&R or YMCA. Spring Break, March 12th – 17th.
Special Programming available at Academy location only TBT

Test February  10th
make Up Test Sunday 17th @ 2:00pm

Test April 7th
make Up Test Sunday 22nd @ 2:00pm

No Class Memorial Day, May 28th
Test June 9th
Make Test June 16th

No Class Wednesday July 4th
No Classes Summer fest week July 9th – 14th
Test August 11th
Makeup Test August 18th

Test October 6th
Makeup Test October 13th

Closed Thanksgiving Week November 19th – 24th
Test December 8th
Makeup Test December 15th

Promotion Dates
Will be the following Thursday’s after Test Day